Bacteria, Printing and Millions of Markets

Oh geez guys. I have been neglectful.  It's been a long nine months since my last post. Ironically, just about the time I found out I was preggo with numero two.  I shall try to update you summarily about happenings as sprog is due in just four weeks so it's unlikely I'll have loads of blogging time in the near future.

Let's go month by month shall we:

June: I worked with the incredibly gifted  (and fellow JAC team member) Sarah Cowan to create a cover illustration for the Scottish Borders Heritage Festival.  She is a wonder and I was really pleased with the final result! 

July: I spent a lot of time at Sonsoles printing more plants. Totally addicted to green and gold.

August: Meeting and prep for two linocut workshops happening as part of the Brixton Design Trail.

September: The workshops finally arrived and went brilliantly in Squire and Partners intimidatingly beautiful new space, The Department Store.

October: Created some creepy little critters for Gallinee's Halloween celebrations.

November: More work work the wonderful Gallinee - designing some new bacteria for the packaging of their Mother's Day Gift set - coming soon to an awesome shop near you!  November also saw another linocut workshop at The Makers Studio - a great new venue for learning fun and crafty skills.

December: ALL THE MARKETS! Plant Prints for Peace spent A LOT of December standing in the cold flogging screen prints and linocuts and smiling till my face hurt.  Ray Stanbrook was, as always, a delightful partner in crime and we even collaborated on a print - her name be Allegra.

January: Hello 2018!! Nice to see your fresh new face. I've just finished a commission for an exciting new theatre project but it's so new I can't share it yet. I also joined the Just a Card team to give out amazing window stickers at Top Drawer London - essentially a warehouse sized building full of beautiful things.  Managed to squeeze in a last - pre-baby print session and went big with a treetop print on the A0 screen.

And so here we are: all caught up! Soon bubba 2 will be upon us but the (art) work knows no rest so please do get in touch if you would like to talk about commissioning some illustration. 

You'll also notice a jazzy new 'workshops' page - if you have a space, I can knock up a bespoke workshop for it.  I have 15 years of teaching experience and I do love sharing a skill or two.

Please also consider greening up your walls with one of the Plant Prints for Peace. 10% of all sales go to support the incredible work of the good folks at Peace Direct.  

Loves your faces.