The Summer Sea

I put the heat on today. I know, sorry kids, it looks like summer is overs.  Autumn is aces though - leaves, mulled wine, cosy jumpers... All the good stuff!

And good stuff includes heading back to Peckham Print Studio to get my screen print on.  Next week I'll be printing some waves inspired by a bit of Byron and the summer sea which pulled me in a lot this summer.  I could spend every day at the sea.

Spent this morning grinning like a doof outside of Brixton tube handing out copies of the Brixton Bugle.  It always makes me cheerful to chase people with newspapers.  This month's illo is of the Brixton Windmill which is AWESOME. You should go there. 

I've also started plotting some screen printed Christmas presents but those are TOP SECRET! Ok, you twisted my arm... I'm planning some screen printed packs of postcards.  Little hellos for folks you miss in far flung lands - I have a lot of those - hence the early start on pressies.  Some of the packs will be for sale too if they turn out ok.  Keep an eye on my Etsy shop.  The Ships in Small Water are on there now too!

What else is new? Lots to look forward to! The Giles Abbott, Richard Francis Burton story event is happening at the Portrait Gallery this Thursday!  The darling Abi has agreed to be my date.  There may even be dumplings later.  There is also another epic Mariah and Friendz happening on November 1st. Costume suggestions welcome! 

Hope all is well with you. Need some drawing? You know me - I would love to! Get in touch.