Markets, presents and resolutions

Hello you!

First things first, today the gift list I drew for the kids over at Brixton Pound is live on the tinterweb! Here 

Now, you're desperate to know how all of the multitudes of markets went aren't you? Answer - brilliant! With the help of the rather special Ray Stanbrook and his very kind wife, Colette, I managed to have things at the Camberwell Arts Market and to be selling in person at the Horniman Christmas Fair all on the same day.  They were both aces and Ray and I were lucky enough to be beside Brett & Bailey at the Horniman.  If you have not had their spiced apple and salted caramel cake, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED! 

Crafty Fox on Sunday was AMAZING.  I had some excellent crafty neighbours near me on the 1st floor and many lovely lovely shoppers too. The day went by like a flash but I managed to get a couple of pics and also a couple of presents (some for me) from fellow stall holders.  I got a BEAUTIFUL ring from Chalk Designs and a couple of hilariously brilliant cards from Angie Beal Designs.  It was lucky I was so busy as otherwise, I may have spent all the money.

I also met a clever lady at Crafty Fox who wanted a special commission of the 'Illustrated Songs' series for her fella for Christmas.  His favourite tune is 'Give me love' by George Harrison so I have drawn it up and am waiting on the giclee from the ever dependable Printer of Dreams folks.  What a nice idea! Do you or your special one have a song you'd like drawing? Get in touch! I love drawing them and they are printed at 12 inch vinyl size. Squares are so satisfying aren't they?

This Saturday it's the Herne Hill Christmas Fair (11-4) which I will be sharing with Ray (I know - he'll be sick of my face soon) and the specially talented Kim Winter of Flextiles. There will be a grotto (Who doesn't love a good grotto?) and all things mulled! You should come!

Sunday I'm back playing shop keep at Rock Paper Scissors in West Norwood - a great little collaboration between local designer / makers and L'Arche.  

Right! Resolutions! 2015 sounds like it's the future doesn't it? Well it is! Hooray!

Here are my promises to you, dear reader, for the coming year:

1.  I will draw every day. Even if it's with the littlees in Hackney. Even if it's just on a post-it.

2. I will let fear propel me forward instead of holding me back. Those nerves are a good thing right?

3. I will find new and even better things to print and print on! Making the best use of my Peckham Print Studio membership. Count me determined!

The happiest of seasonal greetings to you and yours. I shall be with Mr. A in Istanbul! HOORAY! See you in the future!


Ray looking forward to the day at the Horniman.

Ray looking forward to the day at the Horniman.

It's mine, all miiiinnneeeeee!

It's mine, all miiiinnneeeeee!