Field trips, vday and strangers

Today was a most brilliant day.

I was lucky enough to join Tom Murphy and Becky Allen on a Peckham Print Studio Field Trip to the British Museum.  Twas a lovely lovely group of folks including the incredibly aces Supermundane (aka Rob Lowe) whose work I have admired for a very long time.  He has a most interesting way of looking at drawing and made me think more creatively too.  Tom and Becky had thought of everything and took us through Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece and the Enlightenment Gallery, giving us great tips along the way. We drew on tracing paper with india ink filled brush pens which forced me to be way looser and much more forgiving of myself than I am with my trusty mechanical pencil.

I realised I have never had a play in the screen print studio before - I always go with a printing plan and a list of things to do.  When I have finished the work for the 'Stranger' exhibition, I am going to treat myself to play printing days.

Here are some of the drawings I did, including a two layered one that will be super fun to print methinks.

Speaking of the 'Stranger' exhibition, I can now officially invite you to the private view (yes, that's right, free wine!) on Saturday 21st February. It shall be at Studio 73 in Brixton Village and will get going around 18:30.  My two Stranger screen prints will be in intimidatingly good company with work by Martin Grover, Kerry Eggleton, Caroline Harper, Lily Forwood, Jaykoe and Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf. Gulp. Do come. It will be delightful. I promise.  Look! I even made a flyer. 

Other recent bits include the limited edition Brixton print I drew for the Brixton Blog / Bugle's crowd-funding campaign and some new, screen printed cards in the shop. Also, some heart prints for VDay! Lurve.  

There are some exciting collaborations and the like coming up so keep an eyeball on this space.  There will also be a trip to Thailand to see the brother which is not at all drawing related but I am well excited about it. SUN! 

Keep warm my chums. And if you need some drawings, you know I'm here for you, Rembrandts stylie.