New Year, new prints and newness!

Refreshed? Yay! Pleased to hear it! I hope your season of holibobs was all of the pleasant and festive and great.

If you are in need of an adventure, may I recommend the SUPER FUN city of Istanbul. Mr. A and I were there over Christmas and, though it was not festive (apart from the last day when it snowed), it was most beautiful and fun.  I discovered a couple of lovely and talented local makers which was nifty.  Jewellery by Tash Design who made a necklace I could not resist.  I also bought a beautiful, tiny, glass flower holder from the very clever Lagari Glass.  It was meant to be a present but I am finding it tricky to part with.  The pictures of these aces things are over there on the ole' instagram account along with works in progress, things what catch my eye and the odd creation by a Hackney littlees.  Oh and also the cats - obvs.

So how are the resolutions coming? I'm a bit slow picking up on mine but have been drawing most days - soon it will be every day like I promised - it's written in stone on the interweb - ack. I'm booked in at Peckham Print Studio to screen print some cards at the weekend and I'm working on one of two pieces for a group show at Studio 73 that starts on February 16th and is up for a WHOLE MONTH.  YOU are most definitely invited and a month is a long time so that you have no excuses not to go. Sozzles.  The super ace Martin Grover will be showing work along with 5 other talented peeps.

Also in progress is a new range of cards - some screen printed and some done with shiny laser jets and the like.  Keep an eye on the Etsy shop.

I did another illustrated song print for a gentleman just before everything got drowned in mulled wine. It was for 'This must be the place' by the Talking Heads and it was a present for a friend of his.  It was fun to do and makes, I think, in my humble personal estimation, a very thoughtful gift.  Do you want to give thoughtful gifts? Of course you do! Get in touch for commissions of all sorts and I shall see you most soon.

My very best photo of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.  It is a bit dizzy making but I like it.

My very best photo of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.  It is a bit dizzy making but I like it.