Two hens, a windmill and all the markets

Hello friend! How goes your Autumn? I love Autumn! Tights, hot chocolate and weather mild enough that it doesn't take 20 minutes to dress / undress when leaving / arriving anywhere.

Freelancing means autumn is busy propelling myself into the future to get ready for Christmas  - when all the sales will be made (she proclaims hopefully).

Anyhoo, there is much in the way of goings on.  Still working on a locally based version of The Little Red Hen for the kind people at Brixton Windmill and thoroughly enjoying drawing cheeky farm animals.

I am also working an illustration project for some very clever friends who have started their own skincare line.  It is called Gallinee (French Patois for hen) and it is properly amazing.  It smells like heaven and I can't wait for it to be in shops proper. It's all based on SCIENCE with friendly bacteria and the like so keep an eye out for all sorts of sciencey drawing.

This week will be mostly spent screen printing Flora for Studio 73's Nifty November sale.  I will also be learning to use the special arm at Peckham Print Studio so that I can print up some extra special gift wrap for all the Christmas Markets.

You want the lowdown on the markets don't you? Of course you do! Here goes...

Saturday and Sunday, November 28th and 29th I will be with the ever-clever Ray Stanbrook at Havelock Walk Winter Weekend in Forest Hill.  There are tons of amazing artists who will open up their studios on this amazing little road and a market too. You know you want to get the shopping done before December!

Saturday December 5th, Ray and I will take on the Camberwell Arts Market.

Sunday December 6th, I'm on my lonesome (well not really - there will be a stack of tremendous makers...) at Crafty Fox in Brixton.

Saturday December 12th, reunited with Ray for Pexmas - in Peckham (unsurprisingly).

After all of that I may sleep until the new year...

Hope you all have a wonderful week and if you don't fancy sipping mulled wine while wandering markets in the cold, you can always do some shopping here or here or here.  

Lastly, feel most free to get in touch about personalised Xmas presents like a special song print...