Maps, Emily and collections

March?! How did that happen? And there is daylight! Daylight! Which is ace because a little later this month I shall be photo-shooting some prints with the most talented Yeshen Venema. There will be new things in the shop and super photos galore.

There will also be maps galore. Maps! I have drawn them for a shiny new website, launching this month. I think it may still be a wee bit secret - like but I promise you will be first to know when it goes live into the world. 

Speaking of secrets, these two (down there) are out in the world now - on show at Studio 73 after a most wonderful private view.  Thank you everso to peeps who made it down.  The show continues until March 15th so head on over for a look.  There are six other contributing artists who are very clever indeed; Martin GroverKerry EggletonCaroline HarperLily ForwoodJaykoe and Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf.  (Keep scrolling - there's more under them giant pictures!)

Crafty Fox will be upon us again very soon. I shall be at the Dogstar on Sunday 26th all day.  Come! It will be nice.  And there will be new prints - those clever gents at Peckham Print Studio are busy busy sorting out the space so I am very excited to get back and inky soon.  I've been screen printing some new greeting cards. It's quite a lot of work for something so small but I love them so much when they're finished.

This weekend was all about dinner parties and exhibitions. Oh, and I lost my wallet but that is by the by. However, if you see it... Anyway, I went to see Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist As Collector at the Barbican and Emily Carr at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.  They were both EXCELLENT and I recommend them most highly.  Emily Carr is a Canadian painter who spent a lot of time in the woods and made amazing pictures (like that one down below).  And collections are my new obsession (which is appropriate really).  

In September, clever clog, Abi Heyneke (she is over here on the Instagram), and I are having a joint exhibition with a collection theme.  Today I spoke to the Guinness World Record people to try and get in touch with some collectors. More on that another time art fans.

If you aren't busy this Thursday you should certainly certainly go and check out Lucy Dalzell's exhibition at Stour Space.  She is a super talented illustrator and a really really nice lady.  

The next time you hear from me I may have a sun tan as I am off to Thailand for two weeks at the end of the month.  But hey, the tinterweb means I am never too far really and I can do your drawings on a beach so don't let the time difference stop you getting in touch.  Till then!


Odds and Ends - Emily Carr

Odds and Ends - Emily Carr