Summer, screen prints and giant wood

Good morning art fans! Tis currently 3:33am and as sleep is not my friend today, I thought I'd catch up you lot on the newest of the news!

It's summer - hooray! And (knocking on wood) it's been a pretty grand one so far.  I'm looking forward to a week of lounging, swimming and drawing by the sea in Dorset shortly.

In the meantime, preparations for my upcoming exhibitions, 'Collection', are coming along nicely. Many of the drawings are done and I have some heady summer days of screen printing ahead. My most recent endeavour was these thimbles and I'm pretty pleased with how they've come out.

The thing I'm finding trickiest is limiting colours so I don't end up with a zillion layers (each colour must be printed as a separate layer when screen printing - fact).  Anyway, I'm really enjoying it and am ever so excited about the show with the ever- talented Abi Heyneke at Studio 73 in September.  Here is our page on ye ole book of faces and you can follow our progress there or over on Instagram.  You should definitely have a gander as Abi has made a pretty spectacular video of her cutting it up on the woodblock.

This gargantuan beauty is for a street gallery that will be on display during Brixton Design Week. It is only slightly intimidating with it's giganticness.  Not to worry though, I have a plan!  The street gallery has been organised by Squire and Partners and will be up from the 19th - 27th of September.  Stroll on by - I will be in some seriously humbling company including amazing designers, Eley Kishimoto.

My next market will be with the lovely ladies at Yarn in the City on September 5th in Chelsea Old Town Hall.  The brilliant Yellow Bear Wares will be about, among many other talents.

There are some other projects in the pipeline but there's always time for you! If you need some drawing doing, drop me a line. Enjoy the sun!