New year, news and newness

Hello faithful folks of the interweb. Happy 2016 to all of you! I hope your holiday seasons were all of the delightful and not so much of the stressful variety.  Big thanks to all of you who managed to come down for a market (or 5!) or who ordered any sort of printy gifts online - you are always and endlessly appreciated!

I've not been resting much over the holibobs as I had quite a bit of drawing to do before 2016 took hold.  Two most exciting projects are complete! 

I've been lucky enough to work with ace new skincare brand, Gallinée, on an adult colouring book explaining the science behind their products.  Below is a sample page (The whole booklet is here) - I can hardly wait to see what colours people will choose for their arty stylings.  It was a brilliantly fun project and I hope to do more with them in the future. I learned an awful lot about bacteria - who knew they were such interesting little fellas?!

I've also just finished a Brixton Based version of the classic children's story 'The Little Red Hen' (Sample page below - rest of images here.)  The good people over at the Brixton Windmill will be selling it to raise funds for all of the great work they do.  Have you been for a tour of the windmill? You should really go - it is quite something.  They are now selling their own flour and the windmill will turn 200 in 2016!

I am currently working on a new print for a group show at Studio 73 in March.  It's called 'Cover Version' and will feature screen prints inspired by songs - right up my street!  Watch this space for a new and jazzy song print coming soon.

Also coming soon... a little person! In the next couple of weeks! Holy cows!!! Wish me luck and do get in touch if you require drawings of any description.  May the start of your 2016 be a bonanza!