Baby, yarn and blues

Why yes, it has been a while hasn't it!?! You know that thing everyone says about babies taking up a lot of time - turns out, that's true. Baby Nora is just over two months now and is deeply delightful.  I am learning to balance all the things.  She is an excellent motivator!

Right before Nora arrived, I finished a new giclee print for a music-inspired group show (Cover Version) at Studio 73.  It is a tribute to the Bob Dylan song 'Subterranean Homesick Blues'.  The song has an amazing video which you should definitely watch if you haven't already.  The print makes a lot of sense if you know the song / video and not so much if you don't but there are one or two Dylan fans out there in the world right?  You can buy the print online or in the shop and it is definitely worth checking out the exhibition which is full of great prints and on until April 24th.

I'm excited to be working with the Yarn in the City lasses again on a logo for one of their new events.  More on that soon but in the meantime, check out their blog and podcast for all things knitty (gritty - sorry, I couldn't resist).

Sadly, my trusty print studio is no more so I'm signing up with Sonsoles Print Studio in Peckham and looking forward to getting back to the inky at the end of the month after a baby-enforced hiatus.  Look out for lots of new prints and also some 3D creations (I know - controversial!) in my Etsy shop and also upcoming markets including:  Crafty Fox - May 29th, Camberwell Arts Market - June 11th and Urban Art - July 9th / 10th.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, I've volunteered to help out with the Just a Card campaign to encourage people to buy from artists, makers and independent shops and galleries.  It is a brilliant idea and can really make a difference to independent businesses.  Check them out on Twitter and get involved! That one card/ badge/ print/ whatever that you buy can really make a difference. 

Don't be a stranger - I'd love to do some drawing for you. Get in touch here and my trusty baby assistant and I will make all your illustration dreams come true!