Plant Prints for Peace

Where have you been Kaylene?!

Wellllll... I've doing some bits and pieces for the Brixton Bugle , twittering my fingers off for the Just a Card campaign and doing some private commissions as well as getting back into the swing of teaching the Hackney littlees about the wonders of mess / art, post maternity leave.

Brixton Jungle

But mainly I've been working on this! Behold! Plant Prints for Peace! This is a new collection of screen prints that I've developed to support the work of the amazing charity, Peace Direct.  10% of sales from this work will go directly to Peace Direct in order help them to continue the amazing work that they do.  They support local organisations, in areas where there is conflict, to combat the root causes and offer people another way.  I feel very passionately about the work of this charity and was looking for a new direction for my prints so I decided to combine the two!  All of the plants in the prints (barring the mini prints and the kids prints) have healing properties and the pots have adapted peace symbols on them - you know - to subliminally make you think about peace in a sneaky way.  You can purchase these limited edition screen prints through my shop, the PPFP Etsy shop, at the London Local Etsy Team Spring Market on May 14th, at the Paxton Centre in Crystal Palace in the month of June (Opening night drinks June 2nd) or at the Crystal Palace Overground Festival on June 17th. WHEW! That is a lot of places.  Soon to be more as I am building a little peace empire. Watch this space and get in touch if you are interesting in becoming a PPFP stockist.  

Don't forget, if you need any drawing doing - logos, book covers, magazine illustrations, posters - anything! I am your lady.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Peace out lovlies.